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Replacing Your Gutters: What You Need to Know

A functioning gutter system protects your home from water damage. When it is past its service life and showing signs of damage, replacing it as soon as possible is imperative. Knowing the right replacement, however, can be confusing. With so many types, materials and configurations, choosing the one that best fits your home requires making an informed decision.

How to Keep Your Property’s TPO Roof Clean

Thermoplastic polyolefin, also known as TPO, is a popular membrane roofing used to cover the tops of commercial properties. It gives low-sloped roofs their flexibility, durability and energy efficiency. Like any other form of membrane roofing, it is important that businesses keep it clean and well-maintained. Doing so helps in its overall performance and longevity.

Why Proper Ventilation for Residential Roofing Is Important

We can’t deny the fact that roofing comprises a significant part of your entire home. That’s why thinking about what style or type of roof to install is very important. You can ask some advice from your local  residential roofing contractor. However, you should have a basic knowledge about what makes a good roofing system. John Peters Roofing discusses these elements in this post.