Hail Damage Repair: Storm Damage Repair and Replacement in Indianapolis, Indiana – the Indy Metro Areastorm damage repair

Hail and Storm damage is one of the most frustrating experiences for home owners. But, rest assured, John Peters Roofing can take care of your hail damage repair or storm damage repair. Strong winds have also been known to damage roofs and blow off shingles. The unpredictable weather in Indianapolis can be a destructive force that wrecks havoc on your roof.

It is very easy to ignore Hail Damage hits on your home after a storm, because you are not on top of your roof visibly inspecting it. Not having your home inspected by a roofing contractor after a storm event, is a big mistake.

Hail damage can significantly reduce the lifespan of your roof. All of those hail strikes knocks shingle granules off from your roof reducing its effective lifespan. Keep in mind, your insurance company owes you for this damage, so by not filing a claim, you are not using your insurance that you are rightfully paying for.

John Peters Roofing offers over 40 years experience in the home improvement industry and we are experts in dealing with insurance claims, storm damage, and hail damage.

John Peters Roofing understands that dealing with your insurance company can be a time consuming experience. Our Insurance claims and storm damage specialist have went through this process thousands of times over the years!  Our goal is to make each Insurance claim a seamless process. To ensure that we are on the same page with insurance agencies we specialize in their software Xactimate. This software allows us to speak their language and assist in making your claim an easy process.

Storm Damage can hit many areas of your room.

From the shingles themselves, to the gutters, the siding, the vents, anything can be the target of harsh weather, but John Peters Roofing can restore your home to its previous glory! Anytime a storm rolls through it is important to act quickly, file your claim, and get a professional roofing contractor to take a look at your roof!

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