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Vinyl Siding and Lap Siding

Protecting and beautifying your home is important, and the right siding makes all the difference for crafting the look of your home. For over 40 years, John Peters Roofing has been a trusted partner for quality siding installation across Central Indiana.


From Greenwood to Carmel and everywhere in between, your go-to resource for residential and commercial siding installation services, including vinyl siding and HardiePlank lap siding.

We have a vast array of colors and options. Additionally, we do soffit, trim, fascia and vent installation. Your home is your biggest investment, trust John Peters Roofing for all your residential siding installation needs, and you won’t be disappointed. Need help deciding on a color? Our sales team and even John himself loves to help you make your home stand out with timeless elegance. We’re happy to help with our expert opinion.

Give us a call today for a FREE estimate on affordable siding installation and see what siding is right for your needs.

Here are three surefire signs that it's time to call in John Peters Roofing to have your home inspected or your siding repaired.

  1. Cracked or Warped Siding
    The most obvious sign of damaged siding is what's visible to the naked eye. If you notice warped or cracked boards around your home's exterior, you may be in need of siding replacement. Damage confined to one wall or section could be easily replaced, but if there are spots of damage around several areas, the entire siding may need to be updated.
  2. Faded Paint
    Under normal conditions, the paint on composite siding should last an average of 15 to 20 years. If you find yourself having to paint more often -- every five to seven years, for instance -- it could be a sign of underlying issues with your siding itself.
  3. Dry Rot
    Dry rot is a type of fungus that can infect and infiltrate wood, often caused by moisture seeping into the interior structure of the home. If your siding is not doing enough to protect against outdoor moisture, it could lead to serious structural problems. Sometimes, you spot dry rot directly; other times, it may be hidden beneath the faulty siding. Test for dry rot by tapping on the siding with a solid material to reveal weak or moldy spots.