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The Undetected Roofing Problems That Can Affect Your Budget

Regular roof inspections are very important steps that you should take if you want your roof to last longer than its expected lifespan. After all, it helps you uncover any problems that should be fixed as soon as possible. Some of these roofing problems, however, can only be detected by a professional inspector and they can definitely affect your budget plans for your roof repairs.

In this post, John Peters Roofing discusses the commonly unnoticed roofing problems that can affect your budget plans.

Hail Damage

Storm damage like fallen debris can easily be noticed by anyone. However, damage caused by hail storms can be much more difficult to spot. While most roofs are built to withstand large hailstones, smaller ones can still cause problems. Miniscule holes caused by these small hailstones can easily expose your underlayment to moisture, causing mold, rot and leaks in your home. With that in mind, always hire a professional to inspect your roof after a hail storm to see if there are any damage that needs to be repaired immediately.

Rotten Decking

The decking is the plywood sheathing beneath your roofing shingles that helps protect your roof. Unfortunately, it can become susceptible to rot as the years go by. If your roofers find that you have rotten decking while tearing off your shingles, they’ll have to install the new sheathing before putting the new shingles in. The cost of this, however, will likely be added to your roofing invoice once the project has been completed.

Drainage Problems

Issues with your roof’s drainage system is another roofing problem that can often go undetected from below and will sometimes need the intervention of a roofing inspector. If left unchecked, the blocked drainage system will result in ponding water on the surface of your roof, which will likely cause eventual leaks or roof collapse in the long run.

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