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The Harmful Effects of Windstorms on Roofs

Protecting your family does not end with building or buying a home. It also includes making use of durable materials to add to your home’s protection. One thing to think about is your roofing system. Will it last even after a severe windstorm? Have you consulted reliable indianapolis roofers to check your roof for repairs? These are only some of the things you need to think about.

The Harmful Effects of Windstorms on Roofs

Strong Windstorms

Strong windstorms are usually broadcasted by a wind advisory. If you hear one, you should be prepared for possible damages. High wind warnings means that you will experience strong gusts of winds in your area. Sustained winds mean a speed of 40 mph for an hour in our region. During a windstorm it’s important to secure loose items outside your home. Watch out for trees and power lines which may fall during the strong winds.

Preparing for Strong Windstorms

Natural calamities can’t be stopped but the damage they cause can be prevented. You can start by making sure that your home is built with high-quality materials, especially your roof. You can talk to roofing Indianapolis specialists to help you with this.

Benefits of Good Shingle Roofing System

Remember that your roofing is a significant part of your home. It plays a large role in protecting the entire property. Before any storm visits your place, you can do some preventive measure by installing a strong roofing system.

What is SureNail Technology?

Owens Corning provides patented SureNail Technology for your roofing system. It makes use of tough woven-fabric nailing strip which is placed in the shingle. This creates a durable shingle that goes a long way in helping to protect your roof. It also has a Triple Layer Protection which reinforces fabric overlays and two shingle layers. It also makes your roof exceptionally wind-resistant and comes with a 130 mph of wind warranty.

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