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Storm-Damaged Roofs: To Repair or Replace?

Residential roofing has come a long way since the early days of clay or wooden shingles. Today, roofs are able to withstand a huge amount of punishment before showing any signs of disrepair, extending their life spans far beyond the 30 or 50-year mark. However, storm damage can greatly diminish this life span and homeowners are left with a difficult decision to make: should you repair the damage or seek a roof replacement entirely? John Peters Roofing answers this question.

Storm-Damaged Roofs: To Repair or Replace?

Spotting the Symptoms

During extreme weather conditions, your roof might endure many years worth of damage in a short period. Regardless of the severity of the storm, it’s likely that your roof will suffer some, if not plenty, of damage. It’s best to contact a professional to conduct a full assessment of your roof’s status. Finding sure signs of damage such as leaks, holes and other issues may be easy, but there’s a high probability that there’s damage that’s invisible to the untrained eye.

Fortunately, a residential roofing contractor like John Peters Roofing should be able to provide you with all the information you need in order to file an insurance claim to address any problems that may have occurred.

Making Sense of Repairs and Replacement

Your budget is a big factor in the repair versus replacement discussion. Even if you have insurance coverage, it helps to consider the worth of a replacement and if it makes sense. After a severe weather event, does replacing a brand-new roof really make sense in the long run? Of course, for major damage this is an easy decision. However, if your roof was strong enough to withstand much of the storm, it may be more practical to repair broken areas than to replace the roof completely.

The 25% Rule

The state of Florida experiences more hurricanes than any other state in the nation and Florida building codes have a handy rule for determining whether to replace or repair a roof. This is called the 25% rule, and it may be just as useful in Indiana as it is in its home state. The 25% rule is simple: if 25% or more of your roof is damaged, it must be replaced. Anything less than 25% should only be repaired.

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