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Reroofing vs Roof Replacements: What Are the Disadvantages?

When your roof is starting to fail, it’s tempting to just install a new layer over it. It is, after all, a lot faster and cheaper than a total tear-off. However, reroofing can end up costing you more in the long term. John Peters Roofing, a top residential roofing contractor in the state, shows you why below.   

Unaddressed Underlying Issues 

You can’t get rid of the problems with your old roof by simply covering them up with another layer. In fact, roof damage, like rot and mold, can spread to your new roof. In this sense, adding shingles on top of your old ones is essentially a waste of money. With a roof replacement, on the other hand, your home will essentially be getting a fresh start, free of any lingering issues. 

Besides, there may be other more serious issues with your old roof or its decking. Your contractors won’t be able to identify them or address them without removing the old underlayment first and checking the decking underneath. 

Structural Issues 

In addition to exacerbating pre-existing issues with your roof, reroofing can create new problems as well. Adding a new roof on top of your old one will no doubt add weight burden to your home’s structure. And if it isn’t able to bear this additional load, your house may collapse. 

Void Warranties 

The aforementioned two are just some of the ways reroofing can end up costing you more in the long term, but there is an immediate disadvantage—tearing off the old felt and roof layers is a requirement for most warranties. 

As such, the warranty on your roof replacement may be rendered void or at the very least reduced if it’s installed on top of your old roof. And that would be a waste of money. 

Considering all of these factors, it’s almost always better to have your roof replaced instead of reroofing it. Just make sure to hire an experienced contractor. 

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