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Metal Roofing: The Common Rookie Installation Mistakes

Metal roofs are significant but worthy investments to make for your home. After all, they’re cool roofs so they can help you save up on your monthly energy bills and they’re also low-maintenance. However, you can only reap the benefits of metal roofs if they were properly installed and installing metal roofs can be a complicated process. Unfortunately, this leaves room for avoidable mistakes, especially if you hired an inexperienced roofing contractor.

In this post, John Peters Roofing discusses the common rookie mistakes that inexperienced contractors make when installing a metal roof.

Basic Preparation

One of the vital steps that ensures you can have a successful metal roofing installation is by correctly measuring the length and slope of your roof. The panels have to be cut to the proper size or it can result in imprecise cuts that are exposed to the elements. This will lead to rust and roof coating failure, which can compromise the metal roof’s integrity. An experienced contractor will never make this mistake so always think carefully about the contractor you’re hiring.

Incorrect Fastener Installation

Incorrectly installing the fasteners of your metal roof is one of the common rookie mistakes inexperienced contractors make during installation. This can be committed in one of three ways: over tightening, under tightening, and off-center. When either of these three happen, fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause the fasteners to move or back out, which can lead to leaks or permanent damage on your roof.

Wrong Sealant

Sealants are often used in metal roofing installations to prevent water, dirt and debris from compromising your metal roof. Unfortunately, since not all sealants can be used, an inexperienced contractor can use the wrong type. This can possibly lead to roof damage, rusting, leaks or even a voided warranty. To prevent such mistakes, always hire an experienced roof repair and installation contractor like John Peters Roofing.

Oil Canning

Incorrect installation of your metal roof can result in oil canning, which is characterized by wavy panels. This can make your roofing system look unappealing and may even affect your curb appeal. With that in mind, make sure to hire an experienced professional to install your roof for you.


If you’re using a galvanized steel metal roofs, it’s important that your contractor add protective coatings to prevent water-borne pollutants that can cause rust and corrosion. Unfortunately, if you have an inexperienced contractor, the coating may be damaged and increase the risk of rust on your metal roof.

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