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Maintenance Tips for Asphalt Roofs

Asphalt roofs remain the top choice for new roof installation and replacement. Many homeowners consider it the direct upgrade from wood and it is one of the few all-season materials along with metal, slate and tile.

Maintenance Tips for Asphalt Roofs

While asphalt roofs can last 25 years or longer, they still require maintenance and upkeep for them to look good and stay in place for a long time. In this post, John Peters Roofing shares long-term maintenance tips for asphalt roofs.

Clean the Surface

Asphalt roofs have a thin layer of mineral granules on their surface that serves as a waterproofing barrier of the shingles. The granules are shed over time as the roof ages, but certain factors can speed up the process. Branches that fall on the surface can scratch at the granules. Rotting leaves attract moisture, which will spread throughout the surface, further loosening the granules.

Premature granule shedding is a common problem in asphalt shingles and other asphalt-based roofs. The best way to prevent it from happening is by cleaning the surface regularly. Do this often and you can lengthen the time between roof replacement and repair.

Replace the Flashings

The thin metal strips that cover the valleys, hips, and the base of the chimney are responsible for preventing leaks from entering the roof. However, they are susceptible to water damage as well. You need to replace damaged and worn down flashings as soon as possible to prevent leaks from damaging the underlayment and deck of the roof.

Clean the Gutters

When the gutters get clogged by leaves and twigs, rainwater will spill on the fascia and soffit. These two, along with the roof edge, are very vulnerable and they can easily develop leaks or sustain rot damage when the gutters are constantly leaking and spilling water.

Thankfully, all you need to do to prevent this is to clean the gutters regularly. Keeping them free of clogs and gutters doesn’t just safeguard the roof; it also prevents water from spilling on the exterior walls and foundation.

As your residential roofing contractor, John Peters Roofing will help you keep your asphalt roof in good condition throughout the year. Call us today at (317) 981-6300 to learn more about our services. We offer expert roof replacement in Indianapolis.