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4 Ways to Increase the Service Life of Your Roof

Roofing materials like metal and tile are well-known for their long service lives, but even the most long-lasting roofs won’t last that long without proper care and maintenance. While it’s also true that roofs are naturally sturdy, outside factors such as weather and environmental conditions can reduce its operating life span.

4 Ways to Increase the Service Life of Your Roof

In this post, John Peters Roofing lists four ways to increase the service life of the roof.

1. Clean Clogged Gutters

Always keep the gutters clean and free of clogs and blockages. The spilling rainwater coming from the gutters will, more often than not, splash directly onto the soffit or fascia  – the two most vulnerable parts of the roof. On top of that, the extra weight on the gutters can actually pull on the roof edge, loosening the shingles and making the structure more susceptible to leaks.

Simply cleaning the gutters can help you maximize the service life of your roofing system. For a more preventive measure, you can also install a gutter guard or cover to reduce debris build-up.

2. Attic Ventilation

Ventilation is an integral part of the roof, and is what allows the structure to “breathe” properly during the different seasons. Proper ventilation allows the roof to shed moisture build-up during summer and keeps it from going brittle during the winter seasons. On top of preventing the roof from aging prematurely, proper ventilation also has a positive impact on the energy efficiency of the roof.

3. Proper Attic Insulation

Insulation goes hand-in-hand with ventilation; specifically, it’s what keeps the house comfortable and as energy-efficient as possible. Insulation also safeguards the more vulnerable parts of the roof, such as the deck and underlayment from sudden temperature changes and leaks.

4. Preventive Repair

Finally, the simplest ways to maximize the service life of the roof is to perform preventive repair and maintenance on it. This allows you to head off problems, such as leaks and cracks, and address them when they are still easy to handle.

Preventive repair also keeps your roof in great working condition throughout the year, and keeps its resilience up so that it can withstand debilitating weather and environmental conditions better.

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