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3 Things to Know Before Starting Your Roofing Project

More than logistically and financially preparing for a specific home improvement project, it’s also important to equip yourself with the sufficient knowledge required to take on the task successfully. In today’s blog post, your preferred roof installation and replacement company, John Peters Roofing, discusses what you should expect during a roofing project.

3 Things to Know Before Starting Your Roofing Project


Your chosen roofing contractor will not start installing a new roofing system right away. They have to conduct a thorough inspection and evaluate the condition of your roof first. They’ll ask pertinent questions such as the year your roof was installed and whether you’ve had roof repairs done in the previous years. These details will help them provide an estimate of how much you can expect to incur in material and labor costs.


After signing the contract, you can now prepare your home for the roof replacement or roof repair project that’s about to take place. You can start by parking your vehicle away from the work area to avoid damage to your car. If possible, move your potted plants away from the roof, away from where debris is most likely to fall. Secure wall fixtures, picture frames, hanging artworks and decorations as these might fall off during the roofing project.

Lastly, plan where you and your family will stay during the project. If you can stand the noise, teach your children about safety in and around the house. If you’re temporarily moving out, secure your home against intruders. You can ask your roofing contractor for assistance regarding this matter. Remember to discuss a schedule so you can visit often, in case you have to sign off on a few things.


Most roofing projects only last for one to three days, depending on the extent of the undertaking. Consult your roofer regarding the timeframe and make sure they stick to it as much as possible. You can expect a cleanup once the project is done. A reputable roofing company will leave your home exactly as it was before, with the exception of a new and efficient roof.

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