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3 Common Roof Issues and How to Fix Them

The roof, despite being the first line of defense against the elements, is also the most vulnerable. It’s going to experience a lot of things throughout its service life, and even the most durable roofing materials will still experience issues.

3 Common Roof Issues and How to Fix Them

In this post, John Peters Roofing shares three of the most common roof issues and how to address them.

Wind Damage

While something of a “hidden” roofing problem, wind damage is still ubiquitous and often goes unnoticed by many homeowners. The damage it can do varies, and this is what makes it dangerous as it’s easy to blow it off as harmless.

Thankfully, wind damage is actually easy to address regardless if it’s just a slight tear-off or a partially ripped roof. All you need to do is to do timely  roof replacement on the wind-damaged parts and areas. You can also “reinforce” the roof by picking heavier materials, although you need to be mindful if the house can actually support it.

Damaged Flashings

The thin metal strips you find on the valleys, hips and at the base of the chimney keep water away. That said, they are vulnerable to getting worn down by water damage as well. Over time, the tar or asphalt mixture that keeps it in place will give way.

Damaged flashings, while a common headache for many homeowners, are very easy to address. All you need to do is replace the damaged or worn-down flashings with a brand new one.

Cracked Shingles

Shingles can crack for different reasons. Asphalt shingles crack due to environmental stresses or physical damage from windborne debris. In the case of tile, it’s most often due to a sudden change of temperature. Cracks are easy to spot, but addressing them takes some research. Some cracked shingles can be patched up, but more serious cases require you to replace the individual shingles.

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