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Why Proper Ventilation for Residential Roofing Is Important

We can’t deny the fact that roofing comprises a significant part of your entire home. That’s why thinking about what style or type of roof to install is very important. You can ask some advice from your local  residential roofing contractor. However, you should have a basic knowledge about what makes a good roofing system. John Peters Roofing discusses these elements in this post.

Why Proper Ventilation for Residential Roofing Is Important

What is Ventilation and Why Is It Important in Roofing?

The simplest way to define ventilation is that it’s all about how air flows. Think about intake and exhaust flow of air. You can easily imagine why this is important to your home. There are two types of ventilation:

Mechanical Ventilation- Requires an appliance or a type of power source to control the air flow.

Natural Ventilation- This is when air naturally circulates in a certain area. This makes use of the wind and stack effect which involves the intake and exhaust of hot and cool air.

When it comes to roof ventilations, there are various factors that you need to consider. First, you have to make sure that you follow the requirements and regulations in your region. Then, you have to consider the style and design of your property. You can also go for a deck defense which uses high performance synthetic roof underlayment for roof replacement.

What is Synthetic Roof Underlayment?

Owens Corning offers high performance synthetic roof underlayment. It helps protect your roof against water damage, mold growth as well as deck rotting. It’s built with durable shingles, which help you regulate moisture and achieve proper ventilation.

It offers the following benefits:

  • Provides a secondary barrier for water-shedding

  • Reduces tears on your roof that causes leaks.

  • Protects roof deck from UV exposure

With these benefits, you can help heat easily rise and you can prevent your home from getting too warm. Aside from that, during winter, you can also avoid ice dams from forming. Keep your home safe from extreme temperatures.

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