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Roof Replacement: How much does a roof cost

How much does a roof cost?

Roofing is a large investment – but that isn’t a bad thing

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One of the first questions on many homeowner’s minds is how much does a roof cost. The answer is it depends. It depends on the complexity of the job, how many existing layers you have on your roof, how steep your roof is, what kind of roof you have, and what is required by not only building code law, but manufacturer guidelines to ensure a proper warranty on your roofing job.

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Hand Nailing Roof vs Machine Nailing a Roof

Hand Nailing Roof vs Machine Nailing a Roof

A Hotly Contested Debate: Roof Installation: Hand nailing Roof shingles vs machine nailing a roof

Hand nailed roof shingle vs Machine nailed asphalt shingle

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Ah, the never ending debate of man versus machine. It is practically a story as old as those classic science fiction movies that you see on TV.  Many customers ask us, which is better? However, the answer is, it depends. At the end of the day, the skill of the roof installer is what is most important.  Any roofing company that has had years of experience should have a skilled and a certified roof installation team.

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Roofing System


In roofing, a new roof can add value to your home. Your roof acts as your first defense system against the weather and can make a significant difference in curb appeal. A roof is so much more than just the shingles you see. While the shingles provide the visual element, many components of a roof you do not see. Starting from the rafters in your attic, you then have decking, the wood under your roofing system. Decking must be in good shape for your roofing system to function properly. When a roofer checks your roof the decking should always be inspected to ensure that the wood is still in proper condition. It is also important to consider the ventilation in your roofing system, your attic must breath in order to deal with heat and moisture. Your system will have some form of intake vents (soffit vents in this area).

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roofing contractors in indianapolis

Roofing Contractors in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Roofer: Roofing Indianapolis

There are lots of roofing contractors in Indianapolis to choose from. The process of choosing a quality roofer in Indianapolis can be a bit overwhelming for anyone.

What should you look for when choosing a local roofing contractor, especially with so many roofing contractors in Indianapolis to choose from? A good place to start is to look for referrals. Contractors that have been in the area for a long time will have built an outstanding reputation for themselves and who better to ask then the people who have had experience with a great contractor?

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